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Innovation Services to accelerate business and not-for-profit growth 

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  • Build & Operate 'Innovation Center' in Silicon Valley as an extension of foreign Gov't Innovation program
  • Evidence-based service offerings for Not-for-Profits leveraging Pay for Success (PFS) models    
  • Design nextgen offering (price, features, packaging) to best fit target industry needs
  • Align Sales and Marketing execution and partnerships with target market requirements  
​​​​​*References available upon request
  • Redefine competitive strategy in a digital world
  • Setup and operate an Innovation function / structure
  • Pilot / Validate innovative concepts to accelerate scaling


​Sample Projects by Industry*

Our​ Team


​Our BlueOrange Innovations team consists of ​partner-level consultants from leading strategy consulting organizations (McKinsey, BCG, etc.), ​ex-Innovation leads at large FSIs as well as prior senior executives with operational experience in a variety of industries and non-profit organizations

Additionally our network of execution partners enables us to cross the barrier from strategy to execution in situations where a Proof of Concept / Market validation is required to accelerate Innovation